Kayla Snell

Hiland Instructor

Kayla Snell has been dancing since daycare when she spied a kids’ dance class through a window and insisted on getting involved. Since then, she has studied many forms of dance including jazz, modern, hip hop, belly dance, a touch of ballet, some African dance, and most partner dances (country, ballroom, Latin, and swing). For the past two decades Kayla has been teaching dance for fun and fitness. She enjoys sharing her favorite music, providing a safe space for expression, and watching students discover they can move in ways they never thought possible! Kayla's lighthearted and patient approach to teaching focuses not so much on getting the steps “right” but on having fun and making the moves work for everyone to get what they need out of class, whether it be cardiovascular endurance, building confidence, love for their bodies, or engaging with community in a meaningful way.