Simone di Pietro Reche

Hiland Instructor

Born in Campinas, Brazil, Simone di Pietro began dancing at age of 10. She studied in Brazil, the Centre International de Danse Rosella Hightower (France, Cannes), Academie D’Art e Choreographie Raymond Franchetti (Paris, France), Karlsruhe Dance Company (Karlsruhe, Germany), and the Pineapple Dance Center (London, England). Mrs. Pietro graduated from the Escola Estadual de Danças Maria Olenewa (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in 1987, and soon after was dancing for the Lina Penteado Dance Company (Campinas, Brazil). Simone has also performed as a guest for the Cisne Negro Dance Company and for the Ismael Guiser Companhia de Dança (both in São Paulo Brazil). Simone has studied with ballet and modern dance masters from Argentina, Belgiun, Brazil, England, Germany, Russia and United States, amongst others. Throughout her career, Simone has worked with renowned choreographers such as: Holly Cavell, Armando Duarte, Victor Navarro, Luis Arrieta, Tindaro Silvano, Ivonice Satie, Dalal Ashcar and Vladimir Conde Reche. As a teacher she started teaching ballet in Brazil in 1990, mostly intermediate and advanced levels, including point and variations class. Simone has been teaching ballet as an adjunct faculty for the Theatre and Dance Department at the University of New Mexico since spring of 2009, and for NDI New Mexico since 2012. Simone is known for her passionate approach on her teaching and is proud to share her knowledge with the community of dancers of all ages with whom she has worked for decades.