Emily Doyle Moore

“Recently, I was thrilled to attend an NDI New Mexico performance that showcased talent and excellence in our community. Picture it: lights, costumes, live music, over 400 children in choreographed motion alongside Indigenous performers, Balle Español dancers, members of Santa Fe fire and police departments, plus Santa Fe Public School teachers, parents and alumni. The show was a feast for the senses and a buoy for the heart.

And so this is to express my overwhelming gratitude to everyone involved with NDI New Mexico and to Atalaya Elementary School third grade teachers Kyle Cross and Anastasia Wooldridge for ensuring my daughter, Mia, was among those fortunate performers. Even if you don’t have a child dancer, NDI New Mexico’s profound impact is not to be missed – just ask audience member Shirley MacLaine!”

Michaela Brautigam

“NDI New Mexico has been so important to me! Over the past 5 years, I have learned to never give up, work hard, to be healthy, do my best and work as a team. NDI New Mexico gave me a new home and a new family that have been so important. My team has helped me grow into the person that I am, and I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities, my team, my teachers and the rest of the NDI New Mexico family.”

Janice Pettine

Being a part of NDI New Mexico’s Super Wonderful Advanced Team (SWAT) has been one of the happiest and most important things Bella has ever done. She pretty much lived for Wednesday’s. You gave her positive opportunities, skills, joy and recognition. NDI New Mexico gave her a sense of belonging and worth that are precious and hard to describe. Thank you!

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